The county of Worcestershire and fine ceramics have been inextricably linked for more than 250 years. Beside the River Severn in Worcester, Dr John Wall invented a new method of creating porcelain and established his first factory there in 1751, beginning a tradition of manufacture that endures in the county to this day.

Robert Chamberlain

In 1788 one of Dr Wall’s first apprentices, Robert Chamberlain, established his own factory in Severn Street, which became the heart of Worcester’s famous Royal Porcelain Works. Chamberlain was a highly talented artist and craftsman who soon gained recognition in his own right from connoisseurs around the world as a ceramic manufacturer of distinction. Chamberlain’s international reputation flourished due to the beauty and quality of his work and in 1807, following a visit to the Works, the Prince of Wales granted Chamberlain the Royal Warrant.

Finest Ceramics

Now Chamberlain & Co and the Royal Porcelain Works once again stand proudly at the forefront of fine ceramics, as the artists and craftsmen follow in the traditions that Robert Chamberlain established, creating ceramic art of the very highest quality.

Re-imagined for modern luxury interiors, the new Chamberlain & Co collections feature beautiful, ornate shapes and patterns inspired by history and shaped by Chamberlain’s commitment to excellence; all decorated entirely by hand by the most skilled ceramic artists. Robert Chamberlain would surely have approved of our celebration of his legacy.

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