As collectors and connoisseurs of fine ceramics will know, the name Chamberlain has long stood for high quality, decorative excellence and exclusivity. The reputation established by Robert Chamberlain and his sons in Worcester brought orders from all over the world, with discerning customers commissioning exquisite ornamental items that still grace many of Britain’s great houses and museums. 

The same values and philosophy drive the artists and craftspeople of Chamberlain & Co today, from large vases finished with touches of 22-carat gold to lifelike animal sculptures, are made entirely by hand and are completely unique as a result. An individual company, not limited by the constraints of mass production, we have persevered to perfect skills rarely seen today; skills that allow the creation of bespoke items tailored exactly to our customers’ requirements and to suit their interior design schemes, alongside our own design collections.

Traditional Ceramic Art

Our designers, artists and craftspeople are leaders in their field, with many years of experience at some of the finest ceramic companies in Britain. Combining the rich heritage of Chamberlain with modern style and inspiration, they breathe new life into luxury ceramics in a true marriage of artistry and craftsmanship.

The essential skill of making fine bone china remains much the same as when the great pioneers of the industry first established production in Worcestershire in the 1750s, though today we combine centuries old tradition with the latest design techniques to expertly create prestige ceramics of unrivalled quality. Chamberlain & Co are proud to preserve the heritage of ceramic production in the region, carrying that historic tradition forward into the twenty-first century with the values of fine craftsmanship and exceptional decoration.  

Quality British Craftsmanship

In a world where much is mass produced, Chamberlain & Co remain dedicated to hand-made quality, attention to detail and true British craftsmanship; guaranteeing the exclusivity of every unique piece we create. Why compromise?

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