A dedication to fine craftsmanship is at the heart of every piece we create. Each of our team has an investment in the creation of every Chamberlain piece, from design through to final inspection; ensuring it exceeds all expectations. Designers and artists work closely with the production team from the beginning of each project, in a collaboration that continues until the finishing touch is applied; everything we make, from large vases to animal sculptures, is entirely handmade. This level of dedication and engagement enables the creation of extraordinary ornamental pieces: ceramic art whose scale and complexity challenges the very limits of traditional production methods, and is fundamental to Chamberlain’s unrivalled focus on luxury and prestige ceramics.

Unique British Design

Whether it is a bowl, platter, vase or stand, every piece of Chamberlain and Co’s luxury fine bone china is made and decorated entirely by hand. It begins life as an original model, lovingly created by the sculptor, and usually crafted from clay or plaster of Paris. To transform the sculptor’s vision into china, master moulds must be created, with a single item likely to require several moulds. The precious model may have to be cut into many pieces as part of the process; a work of great skill and care, it must be completed absolutely right first time.

Fine Bone China

The moulds are filled with liquid clay body, known as slip. Fine bone china is pure white, but by adding pigments to the slip it is possible to create a variety of dramatic colours as a rich base for decoration. The moulds gradually absorb water from the slip and a thin layer of solid clay body begins to form on the inner surface. At the perfect moment the remaining slip is poured away and the mould is left to dry, allowing the fragile cast to be removed and dried.

Vases and Sculptures

Some of our vases and sculptures are assembled from over 30 cast pieces by master craftsmen; the pieces joined with slip before firing to drive all moisture from the delicate clay. The fired piece is then carefully coated with glaze and fired again so the glaze bonds with the ceramic to create an impervious, gloss coat of the very highest quality, essential for hand painting.

Hand Painted Ceramic Art

Only now does the process of decoration begin, with Chamberlain’s artists creating breath-taking effects with a vast array of specialist ceramic colours, pastes and enamels. To achieve the exceptional depth and range of colour associated with our pieces, three or four applications of colour are needed, with firing between each application. The finishing touch for all Chamberlain’s pieces is the application of precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum, burnished to add lustre and accentuate our designs; meticulous inspection ensures that the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship have been attained.

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