The finest materials

Naturally only the finest English bone china clay is used in the creation of Chamberlain ceramics, but it is not just our china clay that is of the very highest quality. We use only first-class materials in every aspect of creation, from our huge collection of ceramic paints and lustres to the woods and veneers of our vase pedestals, made to exhibit our most prestigious pieces to best effect.

British ceramics

The china clay used to create the Chamberlain collections comes from Cornwall, the traditional source of this wonderful material so vital to British ceramics. Ceramic paints are individually mixed by our artists who create their own special palette for each piece, enabling them to capture every nuance of a landscape or flower or to bring animal studies vividly to life. A wide range of precious metals are selected and applied by our gilders to create brilliant highlights and finishing touches. 

Enduring quality

The superiority of all our painstakingly sourced materials combine to allow our craftsmen and artists to create works of enduring quality, all of them entirely handmade and hand decorated. 

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