Ceramic Shapes

The name Chamberlain has long been associated with the finest craftsmanship and, in particular, the most exquisite decoration of superior ceramics. Robert Chamberlain was committed to the creation of prestige ceramics of the very highest quality, striving to develop new techniques that would push the boundaries of design and production.

Inspirational Design

That commitment inspired the development of Chamberlain & Co’s new prestige ceramic collections. Taking inspiration from the past while focusing on the present, the designs remain authentic while tailored for the modern world. Resonating with the wonderful ornamental wares of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the clean, stylish lines of our exclusive new range of elegant shapes are perfectly suited to today’s interior design schemes.

Large Vases

In honour of our proud Worcestershire heritage, the names of the shapes in our collections are taken from beautiful villages and great houses in the county: the Broadway Vase, Comberton Vase, Abberley Comport, Elmley Bowl, Overbury Plate, Birlingham Box, the magnificent Croome Ginger Jar and Witley Vase. The astonishing Witley Vase is in fact one of the largest fine bone china vases ever to be produced in Worcestershire. Standing no less than 85cm tall, it is immensely challenging to create. A wonderful combination of fine art and brilliant craftsmanship, it is a perfect illustration of Chamberlain & Co’s vision and philosophy.

Luxury Ceramics

While the Witley Vase may be the most remarkable, all the pieces in our collections share the same pedigree: born of a desire to create the most exquisite, luxury ceramics for the finest tastes. Prestige English fine bone china for those who do not want to compromise.

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