The design process

The rich heritage of the Chamberlain period offers a wealth of inspiration to our designers. The many spectacular wares produced some two hundred years ago, still on display in museums and great houses looking as exquisite as when they were first made, are just part of this heritage. We are equally inspired by the dedication to excellence, innovation, quality and beauty that led to their creation.

Traditional or Contemporary

The challenge that our designers set themselves is to re-imagine these qualities for the modern world and current interior design; to capture and retain all that is best about traditional craftsmanship while reflecting the tastes of the twenty-first century. The result of this synthesis is a collection of modern classics: timeless traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary edge.

Bespoke Commission

Whether a new shape for the Chamberlain range or a bespoke commission, each piece is expressed as an original work of art by the designer, evolving in collaboration with our artists and craftspeople before becoming a prototype model and beginning the painstaking transition to beautiful finished product.

Unique Craftsmanship

It is a truly collaborative process, with collective skill and experience ensuring that every detail of the design translates perfectly into the final piece; often pushing at the very boundaries of what is technically possible to achieve the desired effect without compromise.

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