Art in Action on Fine Bone China

Chamberlain & Co’s philosophy is to take inspiration from the rich heritage of Worcestershire ceramics while at the same time bringing a contemporary edge to our creations.


We are therefore particularly proud of our new Artem Collection, which combines time-honoured techniques with modern artistic inspiration to create a wonderfully fresh and vibrant collection. A synthesis of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, the new range is suited perfectly to connoisseurs who appreciate both fine artistry and technical excellence.


Our artists have been inspired by the concept of ‘action art’, where chance effects of the artist’s technique, such as drips or splashes of colour, are a vital element of the design. Seen at their most extreme in the work of abstract expressionists such as Jackson Pollock, such ‘accidental’ effects can also be combined with naturalistic representation to produce a looser, more dynamic image than the traditional, almost photographic style most often found on traditional fine ceramics.

Perfectly suited to animal and bird studies, where elements of the colours of fur or plumage are echoed in the paint that is applied by an ‘action’ technique to enhance the decorative effect, the philosophy of the Artem Collection is equally applicable to almost any subject.


We are also delighted to announce a brand new shape, making its debut as part of the Artem Collection. The Malvern Vase takes its name from Chamberlain & Co’s home in Worcestershire, and its smooth lines are a perfect illustration of the combination of our philosophy of traditional style with a modern flavour. Crafted by hand from the finest bone china, it is also the perfect canvas for our unrivalled team of ceramic artists to hand-paint their masterpieces combining traditional decoration with contemporary action art.

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