Chamberlain & Co History and Craftsmanship

Chamberlain & Co is proud to be based in the heart of Worcestershire, and to continue the traditions of a county that has been synonymous with fine ceramics for more than 250 years

Robert Chamberlain was one of the original apprentices at Worcester’s first china company, and rose to become head of the decorating department before leaving to set up his own factory, where he soon gained recognition as a ceramic manufacturer of distinction.

Chamberlain and his sons built up an international reputation through the beauty and quality of their prestigious ornamental wares. Their fame was secured in 1796 when they were commissioned to produce an exclusive dessert service for the Prince of Orange, and in 1807 the Prince of Wales granted Chamberlain the Royal Warrant

The nineteenth century saw the company’s name become known around the world for the luxury and beauty of its creations. Such was Chamberlain’s success that in 1840 the company was combined with the original Worcester porcelain company and established its headquarters beside the River Severn at the famous Royal Porcelain Works

Now the name of Chamberlain and Co again stands proudly at the forefront of fine Worcestershire ceramics, as a new generation of artists and craftsmen follow in the traditions that Robert Chamberlain and his sons established, creating ceramic art of the very highest quality in the heart of this beautiful county

Today, the artists and craftsmen at Chamberlain and Co are once more making the most exquisite hand-crafted fine bone china for connoisseurs and collectors around the world. Re-imagined for modern luxury interiors, the new Chamberlain and Co collections feature beautiful, ornate shapes and patterns inspired by pieces from the period’s rich heritage and shaped by Chamberlain’s commitment to excellence, all decorated entirely by hand by the most skilled ceramic artists. We also offer an unrivalled bespoke service, creating exclusive items to bring your vision to life or perfectly match your taste and décor.