Chamberlain & Co Bespoke

A handmade piece of Chamberlain fine bone china makes a wonderful and unique centrepiece for any room. But there is something that is even more personal and exclusive: a specially commissioned Chamberlain work of art, uniquely created for you, matching your taste and décor exactly

Here at Chamberlain & Co we pride ourselves on having one of the finest teams of ceramic artists and craftsmen anywhere in the world.  We believe that if it’s possible to make something from fine bone china, then we have the ability to do so

With so many ceramics companies concentrating on mass production, few remain with the specialist skills and experience needed to create the finest bespoke pieces for the most discerning clients.  Chamberlain’s total focus on hand making means we welcome the opportunity to fulfil the unique requirements of our customers.

Our uniquely talented artists are able to capture virtually any scene or subject in rich, vivid colours; creating an original work of art for you that will never fade. 

You could even commission an entirely new ceramic shape or decorative design. In which case we will work closely with you or your interior designers, using our unrivalled knowledge of what can be achieved in fine bone china, to ensure that your vision is realised as perfectly as possible

Whatever you decide, the artists and designers at Chamberlain & Co will involve you in every stage of the process, from the initial concept to the finished piece, to ensure that your bespoke Chamberlain ceramic exceeds your expectations. How better to celebrate your taste and achievements than in a unique and prestigious piece of luxury fine bone china destined to become an heirloom of the future?