Chamberlain & Co Commissions

A bespoke handmade piece of Chamberlain luxury fine bone china will create a wonderful talking point in your home.   Your ideas can be transformed by the team at Chamberlain & Co and used to create a product you never believed you would own.  From your imagination, we can turn your dreams into reality.

In this example we have taken a client’s favourite animal captured in its natural environment and hand painted it within the Chamberlain & Co George III design for our Abberley comport.


Having one of the finest teams of ceramic artists and craftsmen anywhere in the world allows Chamberlain & Co to match their clients’ expectations.  In this instance our client required a more contemporary feel for their commission.  To achieve this, a new foot transformed the silhouette of the piece and the Bee Eaters were painted in a less naturalistic manner.


Presented to the Lord-Lieutenant of Worcestershire as a gift to the County, to commemorate the Queen’s 90th birthday,  this magnificent bowl from our George III range features a hand painted image of Worcester Cathedral and three small vignettes of Worcestershire landmarks painted on the outside.


The next commission requires no introduction.   Everyone loves the majesty and power of a Tiger, painted beautifully on a George III Broadway Vase.  Our client requested two cats native to his Country.  The reverse of the vase depicts a Snow Leopard.


The National animal of Qatar, the Arabian Oryx is featured on this George III bowl.   This was in response to a request for a pair of males duelling in the desert.

Let your imagination run riot - you might even wish to commission an entirely new ceramic shape or decorative design.  Our dedicated team will work closely with you or your interior designers, using our unrivalled knowledge of what can be achieved in fine bone china, to ensure that your vision is realised as perfectly as possible.