Uniquely Created For You

There’s no doubting it, a handmade piece of Chamberlain fine bone china will make a unique focal point in any room and a striking statement in a hall or vestibule. Heads will turn and simply gaze in wonderment – is it real?

We believe the Chamberlain & Co collection of sculptures are among the finest examples of ceramic sculptural art found anywhere in the world. It takes exceptional skill and craftsmanship to create these large and life like studies. Our experienced skill set is second to none and is fundamental to the creation of this delicate and demanding work in fine bone china.

The Chamberlain sculpture collection, beyond doubt, is exceptional, but perhaps the ultimate creative process in ceramics is the commissioning of a unique piece of sculpture. Working closely with you, Chamberlain artists and sculptors will create an original clay model, which will then be used to create your finished piece. The fine white ceramic sculpture will then be enriched by hand painting to your specifications, signed by the artists, and finally mounted on a plinth of your choice.


Here we show an example of a race horse – Its power and athleticism are beautifully captured in this magnificent equestrian study. Every muscle and sinew of the champion horse is portrayed along with his jockey as they drive together towards the finishing line.

The creation of a unique ceramic sculpture is a time-consuming, meticulous process that requires real commitment from everyone involved. At Chamberlain we are renowned for our ability to create superb one-off pieces, such as the equestrian sculpture of Her Majesty’s granddaughter, Zara Philips, on her horse Toytown, with whom she had won numerous medals at equestrian events. An inordinate amount of skill and patience is required. In truth it took more than a year before the model was agreed to everyone’s satisfaction.


Subsequently, all the parts were cast and assembled, it was then fired ready for glazing. Once glazed, the decoration was entrusted to our most senior painters, Tracey Arrowsmith and Tony Young. It took many hours, and five firings, to complete the process and perfect the colours. Attention to detail is our strength, the fence that Toytown is clearing is covered with handmade petunias, and the reins and stirrups were crafted from solid silver as you would expect from royalty and Chamberlain.


Our sculptures, akin to all of our collections have an audience around the globe as they cleverly capture the realistic movement of wildlife in its natural habitat. Here we see the movement and drama of the chase. Look at the fear clearly visible in the face of the hunted Impala. Can you sense the Cheetah is watching and planning its the next move? Magically realistic.

What would be the inspiration for your unique sculpture?

We welcome you to take inspiration from Chamberlain’s collection of classic designs and commission a unique variation of subject matter, pattern or the colour scheme.

But, perhaps you want to commission an entirely new ceramic shape or decorative design. In which case we will work closely with you or your interior designers, using our unrivalled knowledge of what can be achieved in fine bone china, to ensure that your vision is realised to perfection.

Whatever you decide, the artists and designers at Chamberlain & Co will involve you in every stage of the process, from the initial concept to the finished piece, to ensure that your bespoke Chamberlain ceramic exceeds your expectations.

How better to celebrate your taste and achievements than in a unique and prestigious piece of luxury fine bone china destined to become an heirloom of the future?