Chamberlain & Co Epitomise Georgian Splendour

This prestigious collection of hand-crafted, fine bone china from Chamberlain & Co unites the luxurious style of the Georgian period with the finest china and skilled craftsmanship of today.

Each piece is lovingly and skilfully handmade, hand painted and gilded to ensure that every item in this beautiful collection is a unique work of art in itself. The elegance of the designs and the ornate decoration together with the quality of the workmanship and the attention to detail sets this exclusive collection apart. A celebration of the splendour and extravagance of the Georgian era, the King George III collection comprises eight stunning individual pieces united by the use of historic colours and Regency designs. Additionally, Chamberlain & Co’s bespoke service gives you an exciting opportunity to own a unique and personal work of art by tailoring the decoration to your own specification to suit your taste exactly. 

At the heart of the impressive King George III collection is the truly magnificent Witley Vase, which stands at 850mm tall. This dramatic statement piece is the largest handmade, fine bone china vase to be made in the UK. The vase and pedestal are decorated with floral displays which are enhanced by elaborate gilding and bordered by a striking turquoise-blue ground colour which has been carefully selected from the colour palette used in British ceramics during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. 

Equally striking are the two additional vases in the collection which vary in style and size: the imposing Comberton Vase and the elegant Broadway Vase. Both are richly decorated in the Chamberlain King George III style and stand an impressive 570mm and 470mm respectively. The turquoise ground colour perfectly complements the colours of the hand-painted floral centrepieces and each vase is finished to perfection with hand-applied gold detailing. The ornate Acanthus leaf handles and ring handle finial of the Comberton Vase take inspiration from a motif that runs through the entire collection. 


The floral designs, gold decoration and use of historic blue ground colours link the vases with the other items in the magnificent King George III collection: the Elmley Bowl, the Abberley Comport, the Overbury Plate and the Birlingham Box. The exquisite detail of the Elmley Bowl’s delicate hand-painted flowers and elegant gold tracery, the beautiful floral centrepiece surrounded by flowers and stars on the Abberley Comport and the rich blue colour of the Overbury Plate’s border makes each individual piece something to treasure forever.

One of the most sumptuous pieces in the collection is the Birlingham Box whose angular form and exceptional dimensions (185mm x 355mm x 185mm) make it one of the most technically challenging shapes to craft from fine bone china. The resulting piece, with its perfectly fitting lid and exquisitely detailed gilding, continues the Acanthus leaf theme in the delicately modelled ring handle finial and four ornate feet. Truly a triumphant celebration of Chamberlain’s proud Georgian heritage and the finest craftsmanship of the 21st century. 

The Birlingham Box is fashioned from eight separate pieces of clay and supported by numerous others throughout the shaping and firing processes, more than 50 man hours go into ensuring that every Birlingham Box is as perfect as it is beautiful. The finished profile may look effortlessly graceful, but it takes consummate skill to prevent the clay from following its innate tendencies and “bellying” out; clay yearns to be rounded rather than flat. This shape cleverly defies nature. It’s not surprising then, that so few ceramic boxes are available in such prodigious dimensions. The Chamberlain Birlingham Box is quite possibly the largest ornamental cast ceramic box in made in the UK. A Birlingham Box may look effortless, but it takes a vast amount of expertise to make it look that way. 

Such beautiful objects can only be created by true artists and Chamberlain & Co’s designers, artists and craftspeople are leaders in their field. Working together, they combine traditional skills with innovative techniques to create luxury ceramics of such perfect beauty and quality that they remain unrivalled. The meticulous attention to detail means a single piece may take up to 200 hours to hand craft and decorate, ensuring the exclusivity of each item. Each of the eight pieces in Chamberlain & Co’s King George III collection is a work of art to be enjoyed and treasured today and for many generations to come.

King George III by numbers

200 The number of hours it takes to create Chamberlain & Co’s largest and most intricate pieces.

10 The number of times each piece may be fired during production, in order to achieve the depth of ceramic colour and the rich gold effects.

23 The number of Karats in the gold used to finish our ware.


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