Announcement – Carrs Silver and Chamberlain & Co

London’s premier retailer, Harrods, now list Chamberlain & Co’s prestigious ornamental ceramics through Carrs Silver at Harrods, 2nd Floor, Luxury Home 4, Tableware Department, 87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7XL, England.

If there is one name in the glittering firmament of London’s shopping scene that shines brighter than any other when it comes to the supply of exclusive, luxury and covetable homewares, it must surely be Harrods. Established in 1824, Harrods has become a by-word for tasteful magnificence and artisanal excellence, the store is often viewed as the fulcrum of success in the ceramics, glassware and silverware trades: If you’ve made it into Harrods, you’ve made it. Full stop.

About Chamberlain & Co

Launched in the summer of 2015, the brand’s collections provide an exquisite taste of the finest Great British craftsmanship. With certain pieces taking more than 200 man hours to create, there can be no doubting Chamberlain’s commitment to quality, while the smallest glance at the Chamberlain offerings will be more than enough to support that assurance.

Chamberlain & Co are showcasing The Chamberlain Black Witley Vase, George III Broadway Vase, Imperial Imari Elmley Bowl and Imperial Imari Abberley Comport, all with their stunning hand-painted designs finished with 23 karat gold.

The full collection of designs are:-

• Heritage Garden – a contemporary celebration of bright blooms, intertwined leaves and gracefulness.

• Imperial Imari – inspired by the traditional Japanese-ware of the same name, in a rich palette of red, blue and gold.

• Chamberlain Black – innovative, dramatic and undoubtedly splendid, the majesty of this range comes from its contrast.

• George III – almost bombastic in its exuberance, this is a contemporary take on the design preferences of one of our most extravagant of monarchs.

The Perfect Partnership

Carrs Silver and Chamberlain & Co are two brands of impeccable legacy, both with an appreciation of, and commitment to, Great British craftsmanship. Matthew Riddell, Managing Director of Chamberlain & Co says: “We are flattered to be selected as a supplier to Carrs Silver at Harrods. The venue is one of the most esteemed and influential luxury goods merchants in the UK, if not the world. The store’s heritage is second to none”.


“The norm today is for mass production and machine production, with the emphasis on quantity rather than quality, repetition rather than artistry. The ethos at Chamberlain & Co is the reverse – through traditional techniques and careful hand crafting, we aim to create the quintessence of British ceramic. The UK Ceramics industry was once considered the benchmark for excellence; treated as an investment and a status symbol and desired by the elite, worldwide. With the current range from Chamberlain & Co, we aspire to once again grow that tradition, and Carrs Silver at Harrods is perfect platform from which to exhibit our magnificent creations.”

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