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British Luxury Ceramics Black Fine Bone China Comport Platter Section 02 Section 01

Abberley Comport

The Abberley Comport featuring white passion flowers and iridescent hummingbirds is made all the striking by the combination of gloss black and gold border design of Chamberlain Star. Height 70mm, Foot Diameter 165mm, Diameter 380mm

Contemporary Hand Painting

The glimmering jet black surface of each piece in the Chamberlain Black Collection is adorned by graceful hummingbirds descending upon tantalising passion flowers so life like that one can almost detect the exotic scent. 

Hand Crafted Black Fine Bone China Comport Platter
Hand Gold Gilded Comport Platter

High Quality Ceramics

At Chamberlain & Co each item is created using a combination of traditional techniques and the very latest technical innovations to deliver unsurpassed quality and splendour perfectly embodied here with 23K gold raised paste lithographs on top of black bone china.

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