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British Luxury Ceramics Black Fine Bone China Vase Section 02 Section 01

Broadway Vase

The elegant lines work with the depth of the pure black ceramic to highlight the beauty of the hand painted study. Expert artistry creates a wonderful translucency of petals and wings. Height: 625mm, Foot Diameter 175mm, Maximum Diameter 260mm

Jet black China

The scale of the pieces and the special properties of jet black bone china bring with it challenges requiring unbelievable levels of care in the casting and firing of each piece. 

Hand Painted Black Fine Bone China Vase
Hand Crafted Luxury Ceramics

Exquisite Painting

The iridescence of the exquisite hummingbirds is perfectly captured with a huge range of ceramic pigments. Enamels, raised paste and gold add to the eloquent demonstration of the outstanding capabilities of Chamberlain & Co.

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