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British Luxury Ceramics Black Fine Bone China Large Bowl Section 02 Section 01

Elmley Bowl

The deep curvature and jet black ceramic reflects the light around the exotic central study to dazzling effect. Oval cartouches feature tiny humming birds surrounded by the tracery of Regency Scroll. Height 125mm, Foot Diameter 165mm, Diameter 340mm

Fantastic Hand Painting

The fantastic hand painting resonates with finest oriental lacquer work; the coloured highlights and three dimensional effects catching the light and standing in thrilling contrast to the flawless sable of the piece itself.

Hand Painted Black Fine Bone China Bowl
Hand decorated bowl

Rich Gold patterns

The rich patterns of Chamberlain Star and Regency Scroll are used to stunning effect on this dramatic collection, invoking the same Georgian splendour of the GIII collection.

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