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British Luxury Ceramics Black Fine Bone China Handcrafted Vase Section 02 Section 01

Witley Vase

The magnificent Witley Vase is made all the more spectacular by the brilliant combination of gloss black, lustrous gold, delicate white passion flowers and iridescent humming birds. Vase Height: 850mm, Maximum Width: 370mm, Width at foot: 210mm

Black and Gold

The first Chamberlain Black collection features a design of hummingbirds and passion flowers, an ideal complement to the dramatic black and gold that carries a flavour of the exotic well suited to the oriental style of the collection.

Hand Painted Black Fine Bone China Vase
Hand Gold Gilding

World Class Gilding

The remarkable visual impact of the piece is enhanced by the use of precious metals and world class gilding expertise that catch and reflect the light to subtle and enchanting effect.

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