Chamberlain Black Design

Vital to Chamberlain & Co is the desire to innovate and achieve excellence in doing so. Robert Chamberlain himself was a ceaseless innovator, always striving to find new methods of decorating the pieces for which he became world-famous. In that transformational spirit, Chamberlain & Co created the dramatic Chamberlain Black Collection. Not content with developing the majestic Witley Vase and Croome Ginger Jar, we have worked to perfect the casting of such impressive pieces in pure, luxurious, jet black ceramic.

Using a specially formulated clay body Chamberlain & Co can now offer something virtually unique in the world of prestige ceramics: the highest quality black bone china. Once fired and glazed, this beautiful, ebony ware is decorated with a combination of time-honoured and innovative techniques; from the use of raised paste to create stunning relief effects, to painting with enamels and differing shades of gold and other precious metals. The effect is not unlike the finest oriental lacquer work, the coloured highlights and three-dimensional decorative effects catching the light and standing in thrilling contrast to the flawless sable of the vases and bowls themselves.

Innovation and Tradition

The design of the first Chamberlain Black collection incorporates the same Georgian splendour that inspired the George III Collection. The decorative gold designs created for that range combine perfectly with the black bone china, in a wonderful blend of the traditional and the modern. The remarkable visual impact is enhanced by the use of precious metals and coloured enamels within the cartouches of the borders that reflect the light to subtle and enchanting effect.

To add further contrast to that created by the dramatic combination of black and gold our artists created a fabulous design of hummingbirds and passion flowers, carrying a flavour of the exotic eminently well suited to the oriental style of the collection. The wonderful iridescence of these exquisite subjects is perfectly conveyed with a huge range of ceramic pigments and enamels. It is not only spectacularly beautiful but also an eloquent demonstration of the outstanding capabilities of Chamberlain & Co.

In addition to the spectacular Witley Vase, the Chamberlain Black Collection includes the elegant Broadway Vase, Abberley Comport, Birlingham box and the classical Elmley Bowl. A true marriage of innovation and tradition, art and craft, the Chamberlain Black Collection makes a bold and thrilling design statement like nothing else in the world of luxury ceramics. Genuinely breath-taking, they bring drama to any setting or interior design scheme.

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