Heritage Garden Design

The Heritage Garden collection was directly inspired by the wonderful ceramics created by Chamberlain and other Worcestershire china manufacturers in the early nineteenth century. The shapes of the four pieces in this timeless collection were specifically selected to blend history with contemporary design perfectly suited to modern tastes and styles.

One of the most significant influences on Regency design came from the Orient; the pioneers of European ceramics often reflecting their products’ heritage by adapting the designs of Japanese and Chinese wares. Indeed, the Chinese influence on eighteenth and nineteenth-century décor went well beyond ceramic design. Many great houses were decorated with hand-painted Chinese wallpaper as well as art, furniture, textiles and architecture incorporating oriental elements in a style known as chinoiserie.

Gold and Vivid Colours

The Chinese influence, filtered through Worcestershire china and chinoiserie, is evident in the style and colour of the flowers of Heritage Garden. The design comprises three main sprays of flowers that weave together around the shape of the vases, jar and bowl, along with delicate vignettes of flowers and leaves. The original concept for the design was painted by hand onto the shapes, to ensure that it perfectly complemented their smooth and elegant lines while creating a sense of the joy that comes from the richness and abundance of the flowers.

The prototype was then painstakingly interpreted using a rich palette of traditional ceramic colours: deep cobalt in-glaze blue, requiring a very high firing temperature to seal it into the glaze; vivid iron red and delicate rose pinks containing gold. Pure gold and enamels were then used to highlight the exquisite features of the flowers and foliage.

The end result is a triumph: a collection of classic Chamberlain fine bone china that brings the style of the eighteenth century into the twenty-first century, and a celebration of Worcestershire ceramics past, present and future. Any one of these pieces would make a wonderful centrepiece in your home.

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