Imperial Imari Design

Imari ware, with its rich palette of red, blue and gold, is a style that has been produced by nearly all fine European porcelain makers at some time in their history, not least in Worcestershire, where Chamberlain was one of the pioneers. It takes its name from the port of Imari in Japan, from which ceramic wares manufactured in the town of Arita – the heart of the Japanese ceramic industry – were exported to Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The founding fathers of European ceramics sought to emulate the prized oriental porcelain from China and Japan, so it was inevitable that many would recreate the most familiar and characteristic of the designs that had come to be known as ‘Imari’. One of the first British manufacturers to produce Imari wares was Robert Chamberlain in Worcester and it was therefore natural that Chamberlain and Co’s new collections should include a new Imari-inspired design.

Traditional Colours

Designer Louise Adams brought together colours and motifs from historical Imari pieces to produce a collage of elements that creates a rich, new Imari pattern: Imperial Imari. The designs combine traditional colours and features in a new and dynamic style to create a very English Imari. The circular flowers of the design were inspired by early Chamberlain Imari wares, while other elements such as the striking scrolls, ogee panels and collage effect are typical not only of Chamberlain’s designs but of other English interpretations of the original Japanese patterns.

The design is applied to each piece by hand, using pigments of rich iron red, deep cobalt blue and bright green, set off with lighter shades of red and blue, along of course with the dazzling gold details that are so characteristic of Imari designs; catching the light to such enchanting effect. Chamberlain & Co’s aim was to match the splendour of these exquisite pieces with the richness of their decoration.

Prestige Ceramics

The richness of this collection is a celebration not only of the splendour of period Imari wares, but also of the ability of our artists and craftspeople to recapture the glory of those Regency pieces for the connoisseurs of the twenty-first century. The Imperial Imari Collection consists of four items: the Croome Ginger Jar, Broadway Vase, Elmley Bowl and Abberley Platter and the design has been carefully adapted for each of these elegant shapes to ensure it perfectly complements their form.

Imari has proven itself to be a style that never goes out of fashion. The perfect showcase for the finest prestige ceramics, any one of the pieces from this collection would look stunning in almost any setting.

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